It all started with a Southern Belle named Carrye and her beau Jason.

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For those of you who know Elle and the EED girls, we all have a special place in our hearts for all things Southern. So when Southern Belle, Carrye, walked into the EED studio in 2015 and described her dream of a Gone With the Wind-inspired wedding, we could barely keep our bums in our seats. Throughout the following 18 months, Elle worked with Carrye to create the most magnificent wedding day filled with simple (read luxurious), Southern elegance. 

The day was perfect. On the waterfront lawn of Kirkland Manor in St. Michael’s, Carrye and Jason were wed. Their day was filled with monograms, mint juleps, a silhouette artist and a firework show over the Miles River. The bride was stunning, the groom was delighted and the party was fantastic! At EED, we fall in love with our couples and their love stories, but there was something about Jason and Carrye that made us sad to see the day end…or so we thought.

Only a month after receiving the photos, we found out that Carrye and Jason’s wedding would be featured in Volume 10 of Southern Weddings Magazine! It had always been a dream of Elle’s (and Carrye’s) to be featured in the magazine and we were all so ecstatic for her. This meant we had to wait almost a year to see it in the magazine and we had to keep the photos secret, but it was worth the wait!

On November 9th, the EED girls packed up their pearls and headed to Chapel Hill, NC for the Southern Weddings V10 Launch Party. The one-hour flight from Baltimore was filled with giggles and memories of weddings past. It almost felt as if we were headed to a reunion filled with all of our couples. It was truly a dream come true.

Once in Chapel Hill, we headed to the utterly SWOON-WORTHY Carolina Inn where we were greeted with open arms by the team of Southern Weddings Magazine. After exploring the city for a little while, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the night {insert curlers and fake eyelashes here}. Since we wanted to take a few photos before the party started, we were ready early and explored the hotel for the perfect spot to find a photo. While we did manage to take a few photos, we were far too distracted by the beauty of the hotel and ended up just admiring many of the rooms…even the carpeting with a giant magnolia on it!

When the time came to head to the ballroom, we were giddy. If I had to describe it, it felt as if we were about to open the doors for the bride to walk into the ceremony- only this time, we were those brides.

Maureen, Chelsea, Elle, Jillian…after the hot rollers and eye lashes.


The night was filled with pralines, champagne toasts and Cheerwine! We danced the night away with one another and ended up heading back out onto the town to continue the celebration at a local restaurant. What can we say? We were already dressed!

At some point, after reliving our favorite moments from this year, pinching ourselves over a night we had all dreamed about for so long and talking about the upcoming shoot for annual Christmas card, I found myself an aspiring astronaut….

But that’s a story for another time!

As always, with a dash of glitter,

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