By Elle Ellinghaus

Yay!! It is website launch day! We are so excited!! Elle Ellinghaus Designs has had the same look & website for over eight  years – the one I spent months making myself before I first launched! Although it was updated here and there, it was just the same ol’ thing. Insert the talented (& patient!) Krista A. Jones and it began. She brought to life what I truly wanted in a brand update and website change, thank you so much, Krista!

I wanted something sophisticated, yet playful, to show both sides of our brand’s personality. Our planners and myself design both luxury weddings for VIP couples with endless budgets, and everyday couples that want a perfectly planned, yet more simply stunning event as well! Also, I wanted to show our Southern charm, but let everyone know we design the daring, modern and not overly-romantic, too! The styles we have worked with are everything from Disney princess theme (Jillian’s super sweet bride & groom!), a masquerade ball wedding (Chelsea’s absolutely awesome couple!), to a daringly-chic, custom black tent (Elle’s trusting, super chic Bride & Groom!) and everything in between! 

I also think it is so important for those looking for a wedding planner to not only know the level of experience of the ones they may be working with, but truly know and trust them as a person. Each bio is filled with their loves, likes, how they started with EED and their experience so you can truly get to know them. Hopefully you can click with your desired planner prior to even meeting them! If I were to hire someone for a service that I would be spending a year or more with for the biggest day of my life, I personally would want to see more than just a photo and their job title. Touché? A wedding is a huge investment and the most magical day of your life. Your wedding planner is the baker of all the ingredients that go into your wedding. It only makes sense that you need to be sure that you are in love with them, their style, their experience and feel confident that you know them as a person pretty darn well!

When designing the website, I wanted to add a little fun to get to know the company. There is, “The EED Love Story” that gives you a peak into how we started – details that you probably do not know unless you know me personally or were a bride of mine! We explain why the pink pineapple is our logo, why we love the Southern feel and we have custom-made cute gifs for all the ladies.

Along with the website, we have the new and improved EED Blog! It is meant to inspire, share behind the scenes wedding planning of EED and the beautiful weddings we are honored to execute, and to give you a glimpse into the best job in the world. We will be sharing wisdom, motivation, inspiraton and fun of everyday life as a wedding planner. Your authors are Maureen, Chatara and myself, with a few cameos here and there from the rest of the team! We hope you follow along with us on our journey into 2018!

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EED is high style Wedding Planning & Design Studio based in Charm City and each year we are honored to travel to more and more cities around the world for destination weddings: from New Orleans to the Caribbean Islands. EED was born with the intention of creating a passionate company that was different than all the rest. One where the tools used were based only from countless hours of experience, where the planning felt like you were with a friend, and where timelines & logistics meant just as much as the decor.

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