By Elle Ellinghaus

Hello lovely! We haven’t done introductions on social media, so each Friday we will be introducing a member of Elle Ellinghaus Designs as part of #fridayintroductions! Seems fitting to start with the “EE” in EED so…hi, I’m Elle!

I started my wedding planning studio as a dream, and in 2010 it was officially a bloomin’! I am one of the 3 wedding planners at EED, owner of EED & La Petit Pineapple (our smaller company focusing on social events), a speaker of my story, and a featured author in the Event Planning 📔 used in colleges! As a certified southern belle👒, I wanted to make sure EED had a graceful Southern feel to the brand—hence the pink 🍍! I am married to my best friend and we fell head over heels in ❤️ with each other within the first 60 seconds of meeting (Crazy but true—engaged a year later, married a year after that!). We are overly obsessed with our strawberry blonde, bonnet wearing, horse loving, little Emmy Lou Ellinghaus 👧🏼 who is a year and a half. The 3 of us live in a home we built in the country in 2015 and my 2 fav things about it are the donkeys in the backyard and our porch swing. I believe in monogramming anything & everything, I have been vegan for over a decade and my closet is filled with white, cream and pastels (except for the bright Lilly Pulitzer that takes up a yard or two) without a black fabric in sight. I secretly believe in Bigfoot 🙊 and nothing frustrates me more than saran wrap(!!!). I also truly believe in being each other’s cheerleader, spending your life around those that lift you up, and not wasting time on anything or anyone that doesn’t make you feel —truly— happy. It is so lovely to meet you & happy Friyay!!


with sprinkles, 

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EED is high style Wedding Planning & Design Studio based in Charm City and each year we are honored to travel to more and more cities around the world for destination weddings: from New Orleans to the Caribbean Islands. EED was born with the intention of creating a passionate company that was different than all the rest. One where the tools used were based only from countless hours of experience, where the planning felt like you were with a friend, and where timelines & logistics meant just as much as the decor.

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