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There is a reason why traditions have been handed down to us throughout the years. For many couples, some traditions hold such strong meaning for them that they incorporate them into their big day. For us, there is nothing more heartwarming and meaningful than to re-create the family traditions for our brides.

Don’t have any family traditions for your big day? Not a problem! You can start new traditions to pass down your family tree. Here are some of our favorite time-tested traditions for you to celebrate with your friends and family, and they’re sure to make your big day even more special!


There is something about seersucker in the summertime that makes me go weak at the knees! This beautiful fabric is not all about looks, though – it’s also very breathable and helps keep you cool on even the warmest of evenings.

A stylish style for grooms and guests alike! My own sweet Dad wore seersucker to my own sister’s at-home May 2017 nuptials! Photo by David Stuck Photography

Burying the Bourbon

For all of you superstitious brides (or planners…ELLE), this one is for you! Legend has it, if you bury a bottle of bourbon at your wedding site a month before the big day, it will keep the bad weather away! The trick is to bury a FULL bottle, upside down! BRB…I’m running to the liquor store!

Burying the Bourbon: Tradition also states that the groom and his groomsmen dig up the bourbon on the wedding day to celebrate the sunshine and good weather! Photos by Caitlin Joyce Photography of Carrye & Jason

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

 This tradition has stood the test of time for many reasons. For one, this gives you the chance to incorporate special items from your family or friends into your wedding day. Not to mention, it makes for a BEAUTIFUL picture! Brides can use anything from jewelry to hankies to old shirts for this tradition. The sky is the limit!

For some, it’s your grandmother’s diamond. For others, it’s a blue garter or the perfect pair of pearl earrings you’ll give to your own daughter. Make this tradition your own! Photo by Love by Serena from EED’s Nicole & Patrick

Groom’s Cakes

For the past year or so, you have been picking colors, dresses, fabrics and more! But what about your groom? Many grooms stand next to their bride and allow her to plan the wedding of her dreams. What better way to thank your new, very patient hubby than with a special surprise just for him! Hello? What says Southern like a Red Velvet Armadillo Grooms Cake with GREY ICING (Steele Magnolias is my ALL TIME favorite movie)! You can incorporate anything from his favorite sports team, favorite beer or his college mascot!

Auburn fans have been celebrating by tossing toilet paper into the branches of the oaks and Sarah decided it was a perfect Groom’s cake idea for her beau! Photo by Christy Tyler Photography of EED’s Sarah & Robert

House Parties

One of the biggest challenges for any bride is picking her bridal party. Not wanting to make anyone feel left out, many brides incorporate a House Party into her wedding party. A House Party is a group of girls that may not be bridesmaids, but you still want them to have a part in your wedding day. It’s all up to you about what aspects of the wedding you want them to help with!

Whether it’s your sorority sisters or your besties from high school, these girls have stuck around for a reason. House Parties give brides and best friends a chance to bond even further! Photo by Dani Leigh Photography of EED’s Amber & Drew

Traditions are special ways to make memories last forever. They are what you make of them. It doesn’t matter if your traditions are 100 years old or you and your fiancé want to start a new one. Make it yours!


With a dash of glitter!

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